Dad, don’t use drug anymore

Ngoc sang in tears

Dad, don’t use drug anymore! 

Dad, don’t use drug anymore!

Our family had nothing left

Nothing but pain

Deep inside mom’s heart

Nothing but pain

Overwhelmed my soul.

My future is so fragile

Lost with the white smoke

My childhood days was without dolls

Without one kite

My childhood was filled with tears

Dropped on mom’s face browned with mark of time

I wandered around this afternoon

Craving for a warm embrace

Dad, where are you?

AIDS took you away

I am left here all alone

Amidst this big world

Dad, where are you?

Where is my future?

 That is the lyric of a song Tran Van Ngoc, 13 years old, Tay minority, grade 7 in Thanh Yen Junioe-Secondary School, Dien Bien district sang for us in the scholarship distribution ceremony taking place on March 5, 2012 in the office of Dien Bien Province’s Women’s Uinion.


None of the participants of the trip to Dien Bien this year could forget how Ngoc sang while tears streamed down on his face. Sometimes his voice trembled so much that he had to stop, but nevertheless Ngoc kept tell the story about his family’s situation. His father was a drug user and died of AIDS a few years ago. His mother is getting weaker everyday because she herself is struggling against AIDS as the disease was transmitted from her late husband *. His grandparents are too weak and could work no more. Ngoc’s future is indeed very frail!


The song ended there but Ngoc stood still crying on the stage. Everyone bursted into tears. What could we do for you? Please keep crying, if tears can help reduce the pain you are suffering.

Everyone burst into tears. 

We know this small gift, the Rice Scholarship we brought today is nothing compared to both economic difficulty and emotional suffering you and your family have been enduring. But we do hope it can comfort you and your mother and encourage you to live on.

Ngoc and other students in Sun Flowers Group (Dien Bien district, Dien Bien Phu city) received Rice Scholarship in school year 2011-2012

*Out of 215 scholarships given to Dien Bien district this academic year 2011-2012, there are more than 50 students with similar family’s background as Ngoc’s.

Rice Scholarship in Vietnam

The Rice Scholarship Program is a charity program aiming to assist disadvantaged students, particularly those from ethnic minority groups, in remote and mountainous areas, to continue their education. The program was initiated in 2005. Individual donors contribute money, time and effort to raise fund, establish relations with local partners, coordinate and manage the program on a voluntary basis. Contact us here


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