Letter from Dien Bien Provincial Women Union

Students in Muong Lay district received scholarships school year 2011 – 2012

Dien Bien, October 22, 2012

Thank-you Letter and Proposal for Rice Scholarship Program


To: Donors of the Rice Scholarship Program for Disadvantaged Ethnic Minority Students


The Provincial Women’s Union of Dien Bien is very grateful and would like to send our sincere thanks to the donors of the Rice Scholarship Program for your generous donations. Thanks to your kind heart, many disadvantaged students in Dien Bien province have been supported in their studies in the past years.


Since 2005, the Provincial Women’s Union of Dien Bien have collaborated with the donors to disburse scholarships to students of ethnic minority in difficult situations such as: orphans, children with disability, children in extreme poverty, children in families with many offsprings, children living with HIV and are affected by HIV/AIDS, etc. The total number of delivered scholarships so far in Dien Bien Province is 572, with value worth of 420.200.000 VND. In addition, snacks, instant noodles, books and stationery items have also been provided to the students. Your support has encouraged the students and contributed to their efforts to continue schooling, and reinforced their hopes in life.


However, since Dien Bien being a poor province, with rate of households living under the poverty line of 43,8% and a high rate of people living with HIV, there are still many obstacles and difficulties, especially for women and children. In order to support children in disadvantaged situations to overcome their hardship and can pursue education like other students, the Provincial Women’s Union would like to receive a continued support from rice scholarship donors for some 200 disadvantaged students in 76 primary and junior-secondary schools in Muong Cha district and Dien Bien district in this academic year 2012–2013. We will send the list of students in need of support for your consideration in a short while.


Thank you very much, On behalf of the Standing Committee



Lo Thi Minh Phuong

Rice Scholarship in Vietnam

The Rice Scholarship Program is a charity program aiming to assist disadvantaged students, particularly those from ethnic minority groups, in remote and mountainous areas, to continue their education. The program was initiated in 2005. Individual donors contribute money, time and effort to raise fund, establish relations with local partners, coordinate and manage the program on a voluntary basis. Contact us here

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