Thank you letter from Thào Thị Mủa

Photo Thao Thi Mua

Thào Thị Mủa receiving Rice scholarship for school year 2012/2013

In her thank you letter, Thào Thị Mủa wrote:

“…my family struggles with a lot of difficulties in our everyday life. My father passed away a long time ago, we have many siblings. My family can’t afford to stay warm when it’s cold…”


Thào Thị Mủa was born on September 19, 2004, Mong ethnic, is a student in grade 3 atTả Van Chư Primary school, Bắc Hà district, Lào Cai province.

Family situation: Poor household, father passed away, she now lives with her mother and siblings, her mother has a very hard time taking care of 6 children, she is the 4th child.

Sponsor:  Nguyễn Việt Toàn

Rice Scholarship in Vietnam

The Rice Scholarship Program is a charity program aiming to assist disadvantaged students, particularly those from ethnic minority groups, in remote and mountainous areas, to continue their education. The program was initiated in 2005. Individual donors contribute money, time and effort to raise fund, establish relations with local partners, coordinate and manage the program on a voluntary basis. Contact us here

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