Program Management

Student Vàng  Thị Then of Bắc Hà district, Lao Cai Province received scholarship in 2008


RSP operates on a voluntary and non-profit basis.

Program representative retain a bank account to receive donations from donors.

Donor’s contribution and spending of RSP is publicly updated on the program website

100% of donations, including bank interests are used for scholarships and gifts delivered to students.

Annual report will be sent to all donors at the end of the school year.


Rice Scholarship in Vietnam

The Rice Scholarship Program is a charity program aiming to assist disadvantaged students, particularly those from ethnic minority groups, in remote and mountainous areas, to continue their education. The program was initiated in 2005. Individual donors contribute money, time and effort to raise fund, establish relations with local partners, coordinate and manage the program on a voluntary basis. Contact us here

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