About us


  • Rice Scholarship Program (RSP) is an individual charity program that was established and operated since 2005 and  aims at helping disadvantaged students, particularly ethnic minority students, in remote and mountainous areas of Vietnam, to continue their education.
  • Up to August 2015, RSP has received generous support from more than 1,000 domestic and international donors, total fund raised is 3.774.000.000 VND and total fund disbursed so far for scholarships is 3.492.423.000 VND.
  • The program has given 4,147 scholarships to disadvantaged students of different ethnic minority groups in 20 districts of 7 mountainous provinces in Vietnam to support them.
  •  Scholarship amount for school year 2015-2016 is VND 1,000,000 ($US 46) per student per school year which will be delivered to the needy students in cash and in-kind such as rice, warm clothes and stationery.
  • In school year 2015-2016, RSP is planned to raise funds to provide scholarships to 1.000 disadvantaged upland students.Students of Tủa Chùa district, Điện Biên province receiving Rice Scholarships  (2010-2011)
Selection Criteria for Target Group

All RSP beneficiaries are students in especially difficult circumstances.

  • Students of ethnic minority groups from grade 1 to grade 9 who are orphans; children with disabilities; children from very poor, single parent families or parents having health problems
  • Priority given to girl students.
  • RSP candidates are identified by the schools and validated by the related local partners
  • One donor presenting Rice Scholarship to Dì Thị Vin (Simacai)


  • RSP will circulate the Lists of Disadvantaged Students among donors for their review and selection;
  •  Fund-raising is done voluntarily among friends and social community networks. Donations could be based on one or more full scholarships or partial scholarship.
  • Donors can select one or more students to receive their donations in one or more consecutive years or different student each year, or authorize RSP to select student(s) for him/her.
  • Donors can donate in cash or do banking transfer to the bank account provided below. RSP Coordinator will send a letter to the related donor to certify the donated amount once it’s deposited into the fund.
  • Donors will be invited to participate in the scholarship delivery trips in the selected districts. All expenses related to these trips are self-financed by participating members.
  • Student’s photos are taken and each student writes a letter or draws or colours a picture to send to
  • his/her sponsor acknowledging that s/he has received the donated monies. RSP will forward the photos, letters and pictures to the related donors.
  • Students’ profiles are available and will be provided to donors, when required, to facilitate a direct contact between donors and their sponsored students.

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